Видеорегистратор HD Smart

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Видеорегистратор HD Smart

Move up to megapixel resolution with the simplicity of an analog DVR. Our economical SmartHD EXDV04HY-HD 4 Channel HD DVR makes analog HD easy and affordable. And now you can add up to 2 IP cameras with Innotech's new Hybrid Technology. Recording rates up to x (2MP) at up to 15 FPS (30 FPS @ P) provides IP quality video. Video + Audio + Zoom & Camera Control + OSD are all transported over standard RG coaxial cable or SmartControl® CAT5.

Features embedded Linux OS ensuring stability, safety and security, HDMI video output, audio input/output and up to 4TB video storage capacity. Supports complete remote access from PC, iPhone, iPad & Android. Perfect solution for upgrading an analog CCTV system to HD - simply use the existing wiring and camera power - replace the cameras & DVR - and you are up and running.

  • Full HD quality video in live view and recorded video
  • Add up to 2 IP cameras
  • Up to p video resolution
  • Video + Audio + Zoom & Camera Control + OSD: all transported over coax or CAT5
  • Up to meters camera distance (p) / Up to meters (p), on standard coaxial cable
  • Up to 1, ft camera distance on SmartControl® CAT5
  • Up to 30 FPS recording @ p, 15 FPS recording @ p
  • Up to 4TB video storage
  • Embedded Linux OS for stability, safety & security
  • Complete remote & mobile access (Browser, PC App, iPhone, iPad, Android)

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