Отпугиватель Riddex

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Отпугиватель Riddex

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BySheralee Manleyon February 15,

I purchased a Riddex about 15 years ago (mainly to prove to my sister that it didn't work) and I didn't realize how well it worked until recently. We've never had any mice but thought that might be due to the cats (needed a fail-over). My son, however, moved into a house in the country with a really bad mouse problem.

He didn't realize how bad until winter set in. Disclaimer: the following is not for the afraid-of-mice types. He had noticed an area in the ceiling that had started to bubble, he pushed on it and three baby mice came down onto the floor and two adult mice were hanging from the plaster.

He called me (horrified) and I gave him my Riddex right away and ordered this 3-pack as a replacement. He said that within minutes of plugging it in, he noticed a lot of activity (scurrying about), but mice were virtually gone within about 3 days. It really does work. BTW I asked him if he screamed like a little girl when the mice fell out of the ceiling and he said, "No, I screamed like a full-grown man."

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