Рюкзак Binshuai 8810

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Рюкзак Binshuai 8810

Transducer Array Element: 24 to kHz, No Side Lobes

BII   Transducer Array Element: 24 to kHz, no side lobes.

Bbroadband array elements in BII series are designed for uses in line, plane, curved, conformal and parametric array, which meet the requirements of many underwater acoustic systems: vehicle/robot navigation, fishery sounding, bathymetric sounding, communication, marine animal study, physical oceanography research, seabed penetration/investigation etc
Besides, BII series transducer can also be used as a stand-alone transducer for transmitting and/or receiving sounds underwater.

Depending on the operating frequency (transmitting or receiving), these array elements can be treated as point, circular or rectangle aperture in array signal processing.

Array beamforming (weighting/shading and beam steering) and the configuration of array pattern/factor are much easier to be implemented in the arrays consisting of BIIs. Its aperture is rectangle to meet the interelement spacing limits (≤½λ or ≤λ). With thru-hole/hull or bolt-fastening mounting, BIIs can be installed quickly and easily on apparatus of an array pattern.

Customized array can be achieved with multiple BIIs: parametric, acoustic sweeping (sector/2D/3D scanning), direction-finding, multi-beam, target angle estimation (Measurement of Bearing), dual-frequency, dual-beam, reduced beam width, wide beam width, side-lobe suppression, amplitude shading, higher radiation power, split beam Target-Angle-Estimation System, etc

In specific field conditions, sidelobes of transmitting transducers cause spurious echoes from uninterested directions, sidelobes of receiving transducers result in spurious sources' sounds from uninterested directions as well.

BIIs without any side lobe are a suitable candidate for use in these underwater systems in which sidelobes' effect is intolerable.

Besides being used in active Sonar, multiple BIIs can also be used in passive Sonar (listening sounds ONLY).

Optional mounting parts are available for installation on portable-mounting apparatus, submersibles, pipe, tank or vessel.
An impedance matching transformer is optional to provide correct impedance match to load requirements of power amplifiers.
A Transmit & Receive Switch is available to be integrated inside transducer for amplifying the received sounds and driving long cable.

Technical Notes:
Bandwidth = fr/Q.  Q: Quality Factor of the Transducer. 
Array directivity function = (directivity function of array element) * (directivity function of array pattern).

Suggested Application 
Array Elements or Stand-alone Transducer
General purpose Projector
General purpose hydrophone
Long Range Echo Sounding
Marine animal survey and assessment
Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance
Underwater Communication, Acoustic Positioning
Sub-Bottom Investigation/Assessment/Profiler
Fishing Sounder, Survey Bioacoustics, Marine Animal Behavior Study
Tracking/searching/locating marker/pinger/beacon/positioning
Bathymetry, Distance Gage, Altimeter, Sea Level Monitoring
Broadband, Low Q, No Side Lobes
Small Size to meet spacing limit of the array
Easy mounting/Installation
Customized Beam Width and Frequency
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Receiving Sensitivity Loss over Extension Cable (dB) = 20*log[Ch/(Ch+Cc)];
Ch - Receiving Transducer Capacitance; Cc - Extension Cable Capacitance.

Generally, Cc = 70 to pF/meter.
The TVR of the transducer is NOT affected with the cable length.

μPa/[email protected]
OCV (V/μPa)
without cable
without cable
Size (mm)
BII 28 335mmdBdB90º63pFΦ42x75
BII/50 28 362mmdBdB50ºpFΦ73x75
BII 38 326mmdB dB 90º 80pF Φ33x60
BII/50 38 348mmdB dB 50º pF Φx60
BII 50 321mmdBdB85º77pFΦ27x50
BII/50 50 335mmdBdB50ºpFΦ42x50
BII 70 326mmdB dB 60º pF Φ33x40
BII 315mmdB dB 56º 76pF Φ21x30
Beam Pattern:Conical
Side Lobe:No Side Lobe
Maximum Drive Voltage:Vrms
Depth Rating: Default: m
Deep Water: m.

To order Deep Water model, append DW to the part number.
For example, BIIDW is of m depth rating; BII is of m depth rating.

Impedance Matching: Standalone use, NOT for array setup. Custom BII 4 to 16Ω, 50Ω, 60Ω, 75Ω, Ω,; Not Included.

Order Separately, Append IM to part number.

T/R Switch:Standalone use, NOT for array setup. BII Transmitting & Receiving Switch; Not included, order separately, Append TR to part number.
Mounting Options: 1. Default: Free Hanging (FH)
2. Free-hanging with Male Underwater Connector (FHUWC)

Thru-hole Mounting with Single O-ring (THSO)
4. Thru-hole Mounting with Double O-ring (THDO)
5. Bolt Fastening Mounting (Stainless Steel): (BFMSS)
Click Transducer and Hydrophone Mounting for more detailed information on mounting/installation.

Cable Length:1.

default: m
2. custom

Cable:1. Shielded Cable (SC)
2. Wire/Cable Bundle (WCB): ONLY for Thru-hole Mount with BIIxTR and BIIxTRIM.
Connector Options:1. Default: Wire Leads (WL)

Underwater Mateable Connector (UMC)
3. MIL Style ()
4. Custom (custom)

Operating Temperature:°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature:°C to +60°C
How to Order:Click How to Order.
Transducer Wiring:Click Transducer Wiring for detailed wiring information.
Transmitting Array: Array & Aperture Design

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