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Пояс AB Gymnic

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ABGymnic is a product I will surely never forget. We wanted to know why people were talking, so we took a close look at the assembly, possible side effects, clinical research and customer service. We also read through more than one hundred reviews. We condensed and summarized everything here to give you the bottom line.

ABGymnic can be purchased through Amazon or using their Official Site.

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What is AbGymnic?

Firstly, AbGymnic is a muscle toning belt, meant to be worn under the clothes to replace the need for abdominal exercises like crunches and sit-ups.

A gel is sold with the product. We assume it’s used to promote results. Though we didn’t find an ingredient list, we believe it likely contains caffeine.

We didn’t find the name of the original manufacturer, but we know it was an As Seen on TV product. It is still available on websites like eBay and Amazon UK. We like that it helps work your muscles and you can wear it anywhere, but read on&#;

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Money Back Guarantee

No Money Back Guarantee – “You’re Stuck With It”

Our first issue with the AbGymnic is there is no money back guarantee.

“Because there’s no official website and no company information, that means no refund policy,” said our Research Editor. “If something goes wrong, you’ll have to deal directly with the retailer.”

”It doesn’t work,” said one user.

”Only had it 2 weeks and it is falling apart already and the strap is not big enough.

It is still barely working and I am not as satisfied as I thought I would be. The Velcro is also letting go and need to hold it in place by clips,” claimed another.

Others are happy with the product.

“Works pretty good! Well made! I have a 6 pack in less than 2 months and that was with eating out and eating junk stuff! It still cut me up pretty good,” a dieter shared.

“Even though this looks like something pulled outta the 80&#;s era, the belt does work!
But be cautious and read ALL of the instructions carefully and follow them to a T.

If not, you&#;ll get the shock of your life&#; literally,” as another put it.

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Poor Customer Reviews – “People Are Not Impressed”

A large number of customer reviews speak negatively about the product.

”Really doesn&#;t do anything at all&#; and is complicated&#; not worth it&#; comes with a small bottle of gel n an extra battery&#; witch are not useful because after the first use the gel was gone and by the third the belt wouldn&#;t even work!

yes. I even changed the battery! NOT WORTH IT!!,” said a customer.

”Shocked the crap out of me!! This thing sucks! And people with heart problems and people with epilepsy DO NOT use this! I would put no stars if I could,” shared a buyer.

But not everyone has bad things to say.

“I&#;ve owned one of these for a long time. In fact, about 6 years or so. It still works the same to this day.

The batteries don&#;t run out to fast, and it fits around my waist perfectly. You don&#;t have to buy the &#;gel&#; that it comes with,” said a reviewer.

“It doesn&#;t hurt at all, people who say it does just don&#;t know how to interpret the sensation.

Yes, it definitely works, but you can&#;t be overweight for it to work. It has to send the shocks through your skin to your muscle to stimulate them, it cannot do that if there&#;s layers upon layers of fat in the way,” claimed another.

Our years of experience have taught us that if there’s just one thing wrong, like poor quality or negative reviews, customers are less likely to see long-term results.

If the AbGymnic doesn’t live up to commercial claims, many dieters will just stop using it.

The Science – “Iffy”

Yes, it works, but you have to take quality and customer reviews into consideration.

Plus, there’s no mention of exercise in any of the descriptions we found and that’s necessarily to slim the midsection to even see the abs. And if there’s too much fat in the way, you won’t see results.

&#;I love this little machine. Once I am done, it literally feels as though I have done crunches.&#;

Santia A.

&#;It was pretty good it worked great didn&#;t get shocked at all just couldn&#;t figure out the buttons.&#;

Christina T.

&#;It is very cheaply made the whole pad is not electronic only the metal snaps so i can not see how this is working to help tighten my abs in anyway shape or form.&#;


Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does ABGymnic Work?

Is it time to rush to get an ABGymnic?

It’s hard to find, so there’s a chance it may not be on the market anymore. Even if you do find it, we are skeptical about this one because there’s no company information and no money-back guarantee. Not to mention the negative customer reviews.

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